Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Been a Green Month

So I touched the cupboard with my bumper a little bit.

Shit!  Double Shit!

Doesn't look that bad....Bad.....but not that bad.

Thank God for having a neighbor who is willing to help me out.

Not bad ..............until you look on the other side of the wall

Adam says this looks like America

You'd never think one little stud  could  cause this much damage.

Holy Shit!

The hole isn't big enough.....gotta meet the studs.


 Finally Done

And of course there has to be an electrical plug in the way

And look at what lies behind your drywall with crooked studs
So much for inspections when houses are built.
Where is Mike Holmes?

 New Stud in Little Hole

New Drywall

Tape and Mud

It's a really bad way, but a fast way to get your garage cleaned out and painted.
Fast...only if you know people who can do this work.

I drove thru drywall and made my dills in the same month

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