Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Moonstruck eggs and toast

So I wake up and have this craving for toast and eggs. My coffee is brewing and as I make way into the kitchen to start breakfast I remember that I have no toaster. My fairly new Black and Decker Stainless steel toaster has seen the last of it's two years. So much for technology, Black and Decker and all this "Made in China" crap.  So what do you do?  You improvise.

Butter 2 slices bread on each side and use your multifunctional Tomato Paste can to cut out two rounds.  No high powered tools here.

Save rounds as you will be frying these too.

Place in medium heated fry pan and break an egg into each hole.

Just keep checking on the underneath of toast for browness and then flip with ready. By the time toast is grilled brown and you flip and get the other side brown you will have an all white cooked  over easy egg.  If you want it harder..smash down with spatula and leave and flip a bit longer. The toast is buttered so it will stay moist. The rounds become dippers.

Voila....no toaster but have eggs n' toast with my coffee


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