Thursday, July 21, 2011

My First Fashionista Diva

The first fashionista I can remember as a kid was a comic book Diva named Katy Keene.  Comic books were printed of her in the 1950's in a time when every kid looked forward to reading the next edition of their favorite comic bok character.  Katy Keene was beautiful, and all her comic books had pin up clothes you could cut out and dress her paper cutouts.  Readers were encouraged to draw their own fashions and if you were lucky yours made the comic book with your name.  I was too young to submit but my first role model for drawing fashions for Katy was an older girl named Mary Chomiak.  I was probably grade four...she probably grade seven.  She could draw beautiful Katy Keene images and fashions. She had scrapbooks of sketched and painted images from the comic books.   I envied her ability to recreate these images and her talents.  I have still never forgotten them after 50 years.

My Favorite

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