Monday, October 17, 2011

Delicious Diet treat for Being Good

I'm not a great fan of chocolate.  I'm not a fan, mainly because the sweetness of chocolate hurts my teeth.  Since I  have started food control, I have new appreciations for anything that tastes good.  Anybody who thought sphaghetti squash was a treat should be able to indulge in a chocolate treat once in a while.  I just found these in Costco and thougth I would buy them as a gift. They are Crispy Belgian Chocolate Thins, and a product of Belgium.   Instead of leaving the box alone, I decided to try one. 

 Hmmmm....not bad. 

Not bad because they are thin and the sweetness doesn't kill my teeth.  Actually they are delicious.  But if you want them more delicious and considered a very special treat.....spray them with real whipped cream.  Who doesn't like chocolate anything with a glass of  milk?  Like a chocolate cookie with milk. 

Well I wanted a really special treat and this is it. 

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