Monday, November 14, 2011

Vegetarian Kielbasa for Christmas

Here' a new twist on Vegetarian foods...
Kielbasa shortbread.

How about crackers and cucumber slices?
Green and orange food colouring in shortbread.

I must admit this was a stroke og genius after making a mistake with shortbread.  I was originally going to make candy canes.  One rope red and one white...but the mistake I made was following an untried dough recipe out of a "Christmas Book", that wasn't very impressive.  The dough was too fragile and kept breaking.  So no patience from my end I just squished all the dough together and was going to chuck it.  But as I was marbelizing it I thought OMG this looks like Italian smoked sausage.  So I rolled it, chilled it, sliced it and Voila

 " Kielbasa".

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