Monday, March 28, 2011

Command Start

Well I had a heebee jeebie moment this afternoon.  I parked my car in front of a store and ran in for a couple of minutes.  When I came out , I thought I saw my car running with exhaust fumes.  This is one of those moments when you see something but you don’t think it is happening.  I mean I see the exhaust, but my car can’t be running.  Well it is.  Then I look at the vehicle...doubting...  perhaps  this is not my car.  I look’s my car.....What the hell?? 
So I unlock it, and the fan is running full blast inside.  In my bewilderment,  I sit behind the wheel and put my key in the ignition and can't shut the car off.  Now I  don’t know what to do. I never touched my keys or tried to Command Start it. Generally, if I do start my car with Command  Start, and I get in the car and try to put on my windshield wipers without putting the key in the ignition, the windshield wipers won’t work until I insert the key in the ignition.  So,  I take my key out, and turn the windshield wipers on and the car is still running  and the windshield wipers work just fine.   I can’t restart the car because it is still running. When I insert the key in the ignition again,  I can’t turn it off.  So of course now,  I have no cell phone to call anyone and have no idea how long my car has been running or how long it will run.   So I think , well maybe I can just drive it...after all it is running.  So I get in, put the key in and back fine..... and then drive forward and put it in Park and turn the key off and the car finally shuts off.
 This was super freakin’ wierd.
  I am assuming that  somebody in the parking lot had the same Command Start  set up as me and started two cars at once.   A car thief or an accident?
Whatever happened...this sure isn’t very safe.  Especially if your doors were carelessly unlocked.
  So much for another great idea to have a downside.

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