Monday, December 20, 2010

Famous Gingerbread houses by Iris

Twenty years ago, my friend Iris started making small Gingerbread Houses  as gifts for friends at Christmas and took orders.  They were gorgeous, homemade from scratch and completely edible.  Over the last few years she stopped making them.  Now that I have grandchildren, I miss this specialty and this is way too much work for me.  Well, she surprised me today with a huge house for my glampereenos so I can quit whining about yesteryear. The senior's home she works for had a bad flu epidemic and she was not allowed to enter for a few days.  So with unexpected time on her hands she decided to make this house for me. How many people would do this for you? I mean she coulda gone shopping, laid on the couch and put her feet up instead of spending hours on building a gingerbread house.  In the past she always wrapped her houses in irredescent cellophane and ribbons and I always hated to take the wrap off because they were so beautiful. As long as the cellophane remained ribboned up, the houses were untouchable to little fingers.  I hated to see them unassembled as well, but that's why a gingerbread house is made for, if it's for kids. I can still remember when I used to tell my nieces and nephews they were only allowed to carefully  take off a few candies at a time. 

 Then on Christmas day they were totally demolished as I covered my eyes.
I hope this one makes it to Christmas Day.

Side of house

Back of House

Butter Tarts   by Iris

Glampingbaba size and "for those who love to diet" size.
Love these.  She uses whole pecans and chops them  in her recipe instead of walnuts, because chopped walnuts always have that stale taste. Her tart shells are homemade, flaky and yummy. These are the kinds of gifts you don't buy anywhere. Made with love and friendship.

Hope there's some left in the freezer by Christmas.

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