Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Hate Winter

Well the dump of snow yesterday just affirmed for the upteenth time how much I hate winter. I shovelled the driveway with more snow than cusswords and exercised more muscles than I cared to overwork. After working all day my car was buried under 2 feet of snow as the wind pounded against it and made the roads unbearable.  After letting the car run so the windows were defogged and the enviroment sufficiently contaminated with exhaust fumes, I started to drive home. I only got about a block when the snow crystals decided to ice up my front window and the wind shield wipers couldn't remove them.  So I opened up the windshield washer to melt the ice.  Big Mistake!! Now I was really in trouble and could not see anything through the ice windshield. The roads were icy, full of snow, very diffiuclt to drive and idiots all over the road.  So I pulled over on a side street and got out of my car and tried to clear my windshield, only to find out my driver's windsheld wiper was broken.  Oh  my God!  I ca't see with them working and now the one I need is broken.  I cleared it as much as possible and headed down 118 Ave. trying to get to my mechanics for a new set of wipers. At this point my defrost on the rear window has stopped, so I have no visibility out the back, because of blowing snow.I can't switch lanes because I can't see if someone is behind me. Shoulder checking is bad enough with visibility but with eye glasses and a fur coat obstructing my vision it is a nightmare. Finally this deranged, redneck idiot in a big white truck behind lays on his horn because on the icy streets I am not going fast enough for him. So he revs up his motor and passes me. I had too much to do to give him the finger and through my fogged up windows he probably wouldn't have caught the bird. My hands were grasped around the steering wheel as I hunched forward like an old granny peering through  an inch of clear windshield just to stay in the lane.  As it turned out, the big macho truck and me ended up at the intersection at the same time at a red light. I was turning and he was waiting. So I made my turn and laid on my horn and hoped he got my finger as I mentally directed it right at him.  Idiot!  I made it to the service station and got a new set of wipers for 40 bucks. Whew! What a relief that was. Of all days the wipers should break it has to be a windchill of 27 degrees and blowing snow and dark.  I get home and you couldn't even tell I had done the driveway in the morning. It was packed and a foot and a half in places.  So grab the shovel and cuss my way through it. I was so cold, I couldn't warm up all night. Two hot baths couldn't reach my bones and my muscles will be sore for days. I hate winter! I hate winter!

Then I come inside and look out my window.  The windblown snowflakes had settled on the outside of the window like popcorn.  It was beautiful. Why does the beauty of winter have to be marred by insane cold weather, wind, icy streets, continuous shovelling, and idiots in vehicles.  It takes a window like this to decompress. 

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