Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Crazy Lady Is Back

Well the snot has cleared for the most part.  The brain cells destroyed by this bastardly virus may never come back but on the bright side..... that may be a good thing. I've lost ten days of my life down the toilet of viral hell and ten pounds of fat went with with it.  Never, never could I have imagined being this sick.  I am a survivior of every friggin' virus that manages to attack every season and rip my bronchial tubes to shit and back.....but this one, gentle as it came on was the worst of anything I have yet to experience. My delirium I can't even describe to myself with words it was so bizarre. I had no idea that a flu infection of the body could do what this did.  Anyhow I'm grateful for the no pukin' and shittin virus, ' for that would have killed me for sure. The virus was in my guts with no way out.  The rabbits in the snow bank in the front yard were poopin' more than me. The antibiotics were killing me.  So on Day 5, I took a customer's advice and scrapped the antibiotics and had a can of coke.  She told me that her doctor told her that COKE will kill anything. I'm not a fan of coke....outwhiskeyed myself with it years ago. But with this gutbug making itself quite comfortable and burrowed  into my intestinal track, I thought "What the hell!.... little bastard...choke on the coke!!  Now some may say I'm crazy....used to  that....but it worked.  The antiobiotics were making me so nauseous and my gutbug was driving me nuts. I still don't like Coke and it was hard to drink it but in a day I think the Coke choked the little wiry varmint and I pooped it out.

 And not Diet Coke either ....I went for the big guns....real COKE!

My darling boys at Christmas....aren't they just the most little adorable mohawks?
God, there is just nothing as special as little grandchildren

New Housecoats from Darleen and Brenda 
 Daffy Dawg and Bear Paw

All my beautiful Xmas plates and this is what it came down to..
knife stuck in a pound of yourself.

My Darling boy after a bath...look at that gorgeous hair.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through though the house
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse..Thank God!
Then with anticipation of Polish food, Santa squeezed his big butt down the fireplace chimney

And said:
What the hell???
Perogies and no Beer.
And no sausage????
 No bacon bits or sour cream? Oranges and shortbread?

 What Santa Claus do you know who drinks milk in a mug???
Get with the program, a fat guy has to keep his spirits high.
Next year this plate better look more appetizing....and it is" beer in a glass jug".....not milk in a cat mug!
I can't believe no sausage.
Must have been a vegetarian in charge of this plate.

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