Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a nice Surprise!

Well I awoke this morning to a mirage in my crescent....a yellow  loader moving around snow. I was so excited I even offered to make a pot of coffee for the driver which he said he would like. I knew the loader would only put a dent in the snow moving effort but it was better than nothing. By the end of 20 minutes I was right, he didn't know what the hell he was doing. He  was like a kid driving a loader in the snow, backin' up and goin' forward but no direction in where to put the ....there...maybe over there.  I was afriad he might get stuck in the beginning.

                        So I'm out there in my" red flannel pj's with white snowmen"  that Brandy bought me for Xmas, and my beautiful majenta winter coat with fur trimmed hood,  telling him what he should do.

  The loader could only move the snow and wasn't big enough for the massive snowpiles in the crescent.  I suggested that in the past when we did  private cleaning  .....that he move all the snow to the middle of the crescent and just clean up around our driveways so we could all get our cars out.  So he said that is what he would try to do....then he shows me a city map and asks me where this particular address is.  He is actually doing the wrong crescent. 

Well good for us, I say....keep on grading. 

So after I got him some coffee, I videotaped and took pictures for 30 minutes. I'm smart enough to know that if there is nobody standing outside here,  he will do as little as possible, whiz through and be gone.  By now three more neighbors are doing the happy dance as they walk towards  my driveway.  I am the only videographer/photographer in pyjamas.  So we all tell him where else he should scrape. He is quite cooperative. Then his supervisor comes to get him back to where he is supposed to be.

  Now the job in our crescent is way too big because there is too much snow and they have to call in a grader to finish it. We ask when the grader will come?????  When is a good question....could be next month...after the moguls melt.  Nothing is ever as you wish it to be.... but even though it is still a mess,  I am happy enough with this rinky dink botched up job, compliments of Edmonton's pathetic snow removal department.....because they simply do not have enough snow removal equipment that is required for our winter snow removal. But.....hey...we are talking about getting a new arena that will cost millions to be erected in the downtown core where they probably have clean streets down to the pavement. Suburbians don't really know for sure....we just imagine that.... because we can't get out of our neighborhoods to go downtown to really look at paved roads.

View From My Driveway


 Well can't do anymore...he's least  my driveway is semiclean.

Is this not pathetic?????
Enlarge and see the wind row blocking the truck on the driveway....that comes with the service. We had to run after him to tell him to come back and remove that. Only because the truck owner was outside...all other driveways were blocked...except mine and my neighbors.

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