Thursday, January 13, 2011

THE WAY BACK - Official Trailer

One of my favorite reads when I was interested in gulags was “ the Long Walk”.  The memoir by the Polish writer Slavomir Rawicz, is about a group of prisoners who escape from a Soviet gulag in 1940 and trek thousands of miles to freedom, across the frozen steppes, across the Gobi desert and finally across the Himalayas: the lucky ones make it to India.  His story has been very controversial since he wrote his book in the 1950’s.  Many said his escape was impossible and many said this was not his story. He died a few years ago so the truth remains with him. Recently a movie was made of this epic journey by Australian director Peter Weir, and it is called “ The Way Back”, starring Colin Ferrel . I'm not sure if this is in our theatres yet.

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